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The airlines serving international French Polynesia particular through: LOS ANGELES (USA) for North America or Europe, or via AUKLAND (NZ) for southeast Asia.

Domestic airline (Air Tahiti Nui) provides numerous inter-island connections at frequencies very regular with several daily flights to the island of Raiatea or JAMBO is based.
A passport valid and readable (via the USA) is mandatory.

Obtaining a visa is not required for a large number of countries in the European union,

From North America or South America, but it is advisable to check before your departure.
No vaccinations are required.

Facilities and health services are of good quality.

A relatively complete medicine chest and means of communications satellite can join H24 doctors if necessary.

Do not forget to use a good sunscreen.
The currency used in French Polynesia is the French Pacific Franc, abbreviated: CFP or XPF XPF.
The exchange rate is fixed with Euros or 1 Euro = 119.33 FCFP.
1000 FCP = € 8.38
You can also set most of your purchases with international credit cards.
From March to November. The heart of the wet season runs from mid January to mid-February, with alternating rain and weather. Half-seasons, as everywhere, are always the best moments in April, June and September are very good months.
At least 8 days, for example to explore at leisure the four islands under-the-wind: Raiatea Taha'a, Huahine and Bora-Bora and why not push to Maupiti.
For its comfort, space ... and shallow draft. You spend more time in the lagoons in real navigation. A catamaran can be likened to an overwater bungalow, offered by Polynesian hotels. This is a real vacation waterfront ...
Windbreaker style raincoat, fleece (evenings can be chilly on board and soon becomes chilly), camera batteries and chargers, memory cards sufficient to store countless photos and your swimsuit.
The boat is equipped as a hotel. On arrival, your bunks are performers. There is a set of 2 towels / person / week. Possibility of extra linen on request and subject to availability.
There is a gas grill with a "plancha" on the back of the boat.
Yes, of course, the boat is equipped with 220 htz vots/50 taken on board many European format
The boat has a 12V socket similar to the cigarette lighter sockets cars. And 220 volt outlets European standard. You can bring your own favorite CD and DVD read them on the edge of the stereo, a DVD multi drive cd.
Telephone calls are very expensive in French Polynesia. We suggest you to buy a local SIM card "vini" that you can use with your own mobile phone if it is dual band and released.
In most anchorages it is now possible to capture and wireless networks to connect to internet ....
Trolling lines are at your disposal, and what a joy to toast slices of BBQ Tuna a la plancha with a drizzle of olive oil ...
There are nice surf spots in Polynesia, but also spots or kite board.
For more information on Tahiti and her islands, do not hesitate to visit TAHITI TOURISM
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