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French Polynesia islands

The leeward islands
The Windward Islands

Raiatea, French Polynesia cradle holds archeological treasures (marae) witnessed a history and a culture rich and still very much present. Stage of the famous race boat "Hawaiki nui Va'a" sacred island is also the joy of diving enthusiasts and hikers.
Natural assets for tourism nature: deep bays, an unspoilt and spectacular (craters, waterfalls) optimum sailing conditions, a navigable river (Faaroa) offering unusual circuits, a generous nature conducive to the cultivation of vanilla and houses a single plant in the world: the strange "Tiare" Apetahi "

The cradle of Polynesian culture: first inhabited island, according to oral tradition, Raiatea and first home to the spectacular Royal Polynesian marae "Taputapuatea" where investiture ceremonies and international gatherings took place. Site imbued with magic, this sanctuary was the seat of religious and political power in all Polynesia.
True nautical base, Raiatea itself as the mecca of pleasure: many charter companies are located around the bays and consist of a large fleet of all types. Prestigious units with the best comfort also offer innovative refined conviviality.
A special underwater space where diversity reigns: coral gardens, caves, drift diving in the many passes, discovered the wreck of Norby, beautiful three-masted sank in 1900.

Pregnant in the same lagoon as Raiatea, Tahaa share its relative isolation has preserved the charm and authenticity of Polynesia of yesteryear. Rest and relaxation, but also mountain walks and excursions on the motus (islets) await you.

An island charm: wild island with lush vegetation, raised on a lagoon of emerald, encircled by idyllic motus.

A magical tropical flora in a beautiful garden fragrant and colorful tour of vanilla plantations and explanation of the process of maturation of vanilla, 80% of crops are produced Polynesia Tahaa, tropical fruit tasting at Tour 4x4 tours.

The discovery of the pearl in its authentic environment during tours in a pearl farm family.

Giant aquarium, the lagoon of Tahaa been magical walks, where you can watch at your leisure through his diving mask, moray eels, reef sharks, napoleons, barracuda and schools of trevally and enchanting coral gardens.

Bora Bora

The lagoon in all its splendor: a volcano placed on one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, with clear waters and dotted with islands paradise.

Island romance par excellence and destination for couples on honeymoon, Bora Bora has a varied hotel infrastructure that integrates seamlessly into the magic of the exceptional setting of the island. Although they have no legal nature, traditional wedding ceremonies are offered by some hotels.

The original concept of the water bungalow is a must not miss designed in Polynesian style, it offers an exceptional level of comfort with direct access to the turquoise waters of the lagoon, the possibility to admire the seabed through a glass floor, and the privilege to enjoy breakfast lunch delivered to a canoe.

The underwater world of Bora Bora delight fans of diving ballet of manta rays and sharks majestic, quiet meeting with Napoleon and the multitude of colorful fish, Novice and experienced divers will find palms in their feet.


Maupiti is located 40 km west of Bora Bora and is one of the most beautiful seas in the South. It has the same features as its sister Bora-Bora holds a sparkling lagoon and motu crowned in its center a majestic mountain.

An island with an authentic atmosphere, nestled in the heart of a jade lagoon, open ocean by a single pass. Crossing the lagoon can see manta rays and leopard, many colorful fish and the beautiful coral gardens.

Cultural treasures to discover: the Valley Haranai and stone monuments, Valley Vaitea where lies the legendary canoe Hiro, the red cliffs of the warrior Nina Here, the marae Ofera the motu Tiapa'a, one of the oldest archaeological sites dating from the ninth century Polynesia on the motu Pae'ao.

Many sights to behold during guided hikes: Vai'ea village at the foot of the cliffs with caves serve as a refuge for sea birds, the cliff Hotu Parata 165 m of altitude, endemic flower of the single island of Pitihahei the Tiare Hina, large plantations of watermelons and melons Auira motu.

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